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Thanks for all your help, seagulls!

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Volunteer Center Stats
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All Time

  • 5058 registered volunteers
  • 233 community partners
  • 626 opportunities (some with mulitple signup dates)
  • 274 opportunities registered
  • 9729 volunteers attended
  • 40619.43 volunteer hours logged

Current Academic Year: 2014-15

  • 364 registered volunteers
  • 233 community partners
  • 61 current opportunities (some with mulitple signup dates)
  • 32 opportunities registered
  • 343 volunteers attended
  • 1717 volunteer hours logged


May 2014: Salisbury University joins the Maryland-DC Campus Compact?mobilizing the collective commitment and capacity of higher education to actively advance our communities through civic and community engagement.

Mission Statement:

The SU Volunteer Center is committed to serving the community and University by offering meaningful connections between students who care and organizations in need. The Center is dedicated to promoting lifelong values of commitment to service and civic engagement, encouraging awareness of community needs, and facilitating service opportunities to address those needs.

Our Goals:

  • Connect interested students to community needs
  • Develop collaborative linkages within the University and across the community
  • Facilitate student development through leadership and service
  • Empower regional growth by offering student resources to assist in community transformation
  • Prepare students for careers through volunteering and encouraging a sense of community service throughout their careers

How to make volunteering a "Win-Win":

  • Volunteer in organizations that can make the most of your skills.
  • Identify a place where you would like to get experience--offer to volunteer there.
  • Treat ALL volunteer efforts as a job: be dependable, on-time and professional.
  • Stay with any volunteer effort for at least one semester, preferably two or more.
  • Start your volunteer work as early in your college career as possible.
  • Inquire about a volunteer internship possibility.


Disclaimer: Salisbury University and the Salisbury University Volunteer Center will not be responsible or liable for any student's mental and physical well being and safety for any volunteer activity not sponsored by Salisbury University. Please use your instincts and be aware of your surroundings at all times when volunteering on your own. Please use caution when selecting volunteer activities--though the Salisbury University Volunteer Center will advertise events not sponsored by Salisbury University, we are not responsible for the conditions, outcome, or events that take place during or caused by the volunteer activity.